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Benefits To You For Working With UI Charitable Advisors & Using The UI DAF

Our aim is to make philanthropy and impact investing easy and accessible so donors can make the most impact with their Donor-Advised Fund. We achieve this by simplifying the Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) donation process, removing barriers to giving, and partnering with you, their financial advisor. The result is the flow of philanthropic financing of grants or impact investments reaching meaningful charities and social enterprises, both domestic and international.

  • Advisor manages DAF investment strategy
  • No minimum advisor size
  • Advisor portal access
  • International giving
  • UI Charitable Advisors Impact Services Team
  • Exclusive impact investing
Process of Setting up a DAF

Open A New DAF

First, create your Advisor Portal account. You can use this account to open new DAFs and manage existing DAFs for clients.

Create Account

Create the Custodian Account

The UI DAF allows you to manage your clients’ funds with your preferred custodian. Once you have created your portal account, email us at  with the name of your custodian and we will provide the information needed to open the new investment account. 

Fund the DAF

The UI DAF accepts a wide variety of assets including cash, public securities, private business interests, real estate, and more. Email with the type of asset your client would like to donate and the we will provide instructions for making the donation.

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