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Giving During Disasters

When thinking about giving in times of natural disasters there are multiple dimensions to reflect upon.  Our first instinct may be to donate to any organization “doing good”.    When evaluating organizations at University Impact, we take an approach that considers both short and long-term needs.  We are interested in knowing that an organization understands the problem, that their solution is relevant to the context, and that they can execute while delivering outcomes.  This is especially important in times of crisis when infrastructure is comprised and it becomes vital to have established collaborations.

Here are considerations to help guide your giving during times of disaster.  

  • Understanding the Needs:  Look at the problems caused by the disaster and find the organizations that have experience in disaster relief and rebuilding.
    • Can they reach those in need most effectively?  
    • Do they have the resources to execute? 
    • Do they have local connections and understanding?  
  • Outcomes of organizations:  
    • What are the outcomes they have achieved in the past? 
    • Do they have a track record of response both in the near-term and long-term efforts?  
  • Giving:  Consider the type of gift you want to give.  This can be your time, money, or items.  Things to remember:
    • What is going to help immediately?  
    • Before donating items like blankets, clothing, food, etc. check with organizations at the frontlines to find out their needs.  Oftentimes, gifts of cash are what is needed most so the organizations can allocate funds to what is required in the relief efforts in real-time and buy as close to the source as possible.
  • Looking ahead:  After the immediate crisis, the road to recovery is long and costly.  Funds to support those who lost everything are still required.  
    • What happens in the long term?  
    • How can you support long-term recovery?   
    • Does one organization focus on short and long-term support? Building resilience for the long-term is just as important as the short-term needs. 

Giving with a DAF

Your Donor-Advised Fund allows you flexibility in your giving.  Generally, the recommendation when giving to an organization is to give without conditions, allowing them to use the funds where they are needed most.  However, in a time of the disaster, you may want to specify directing your funds to that specific issue.  Through your UI Triple DAF you can search for an IRS approved 501c)3 humanitarian nonprofit to support in the Make a Grant section.  University Impact has also established funds to support disasters.  By giving to these funds University Impact will direct your gift to the humanitarian organizations in our fund addressing the most pressing disaster or crisis at the given moment in time.


The University Impact U.S. Recovery Fund is a fund that designated to support immediate relief and rebuilding after natural disasters in the U.S. and its territories.  Funds will be allocated when they come in to the outcome-focused organizations providing immediate relief and long-term recovery support to the disaster of during that time period.  

Login to your donor giving portal to give to the U.S. Recovery Fund.



The University Impact Global Support Fund is designated to support humanitarian issues caused by world crises (i.e., war) or natural disasters.  You can select a specific fund to direct your DAF capital.

Login to your donor giving portal to give to the Global Support Fund.

For questions, please contact Donor Impact Services at