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Board and Investment Committee

University Impact’s investment committee approves all deals sourced by UI Charitable Advisors before they are shown to you or any of our donors. This ensures that UI Charitable Advisors holds a high standard for both social impact and any expected financial returns.

Aaron Miller

Merit Leadership

As a former lawyer, Aaron teaches business ethics, nonprofit management, and social entrepreneurship at the Marriott School…

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Geoff (Chester) Woolley

Patamar Capital

Geoff has been active in venture capital investing for over 30 years and impact investing for the last…

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Katherine Hill Ritchie

Nottingham Spirk Family Office

Katherine has 19 years of experience in investing, financial services, and working for family offices…

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Kurt Brown

TownSquare Capital

Kurt is the Founder & CIO of TownSquare Capital. With nearly 25 years of capital markets experience…

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Lindsey Padjen

Oregon Public Health

Lindsey has over a decade of experience in research, philanthropy, and public health…

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Marcia Nelson


Marcia has a 20-year track record of working with family offices and their advisors, collaborating with other families…
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Todd Manwaring

Social Venture Impact

Todd has worked in the social impact field for over 25 years. He was a co-founder of Unitus, the founding professor of the BYU Ballard Center, and co-founder of University Impact…

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Chaitali Patel

Women Impact Collaborative

Chaitali Patel is a Global Director and head of 100 Women Impact Collective…

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University Impact Team

Daniel Blake


Joellen Nicholson

VP of Donor Services

Todd Manwaring

Senior VP of Community Impact

Jacob Lundskog

Director of Operations

Matt Rawlings

Software Engineering Manager

Valerie Winwood

Financial Manager

Hyrum Grenny

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Catherine Torrington

Head of Student Experience

Phoenix Hafen

Operations Manager

Lauren Allred

Project Manager

Riley LeSueur

Manager of Strategic Partnerships

Asher Clawson

Backend Engineer

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