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University Impact Webinar:
Donor Advised Funds and Impact Investing

Help your clients do philanthropy better.

Learn about philanthropy’s fastest-growing charitable giving vehicle and how it can be used to make a large social impact. 

Join us for our free webinar training where we will review
Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) and Impact Investing.

We’ll help you understand the many benefits of a DAF and all the ways it can be used so you can know how to best help your clients.

What we’ll cover:

  • What are DAFs and how they operate
  • The advantages of a DAF and why it is becoming so popular
  • Impact Investing – going beyond ESG and SRI
  • How to use a DAF to do more than you probably are now

Our training counts towards 1 CFP® continuing education credit


One of the powerful things that University Impact does, is uncouple the fees otherwise combined at commercial DAF hosts. Large institutions use DAFs as a trojan horse to then layer hidden fees on DAF holders – such as mutual fund and transaction fees. 

– Michael Folker, TownSquare Capital

Who we are:

University Impact is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and impact investment fund that is focused on solving social and environmental problems.

We believe that through our presentation, advisors will be better equipped to help clients create lasting social impact.

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